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just back from Romania....

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just back from Romania....
« on: April 02, 2022, 11:27:14 PM »
via the The Pilgrim, The Unicorn & The Bell,so sorry its so late.
Too busy celebrating - Ducks n Mariners (4 goals each), Scunts lose again and Moan U don't win. If carlsberg did football ...... 8) 8) :D :D
Anyway to the mater in hand ;
Game of 2 halves, take your chances, goals change games, football is a confidence thing - this game ticked all the cliche boxes.
first half we were inept (although apparently still much better than Tuesday), on our heels; lacking in confidence, passing accuracy,pressing, understanding, defensive solidity and technique. We were v happy to go in 0.0 and tbh we were saying that if we got a nil all out of it we'd be relieved
Romania btw are a pleasure to watch , no long balls, every player has great technical ability and just wants to play football. They hit the woodwork 4 times and they ripped us apart at times with Archie making a couple of excellent saves
then Harry scott goes off injured (our best player at the time imho, despite not been given enough of the ball) & Jamie Rudd comes on and changes the game
first is dead lucky, brilliant finish, but just fell perfectly having pinged luckily off lewthwaites shin. 2nd was a thing of beauty - equally clinical rifle shot following some slick interpassing with riddick. French scored a scuffed 3rd after a typically challenging, thrusting run by Ball and then Lewthwaite did some brilliant individual work to make it a lopsided 4-0 win.
just the sort of lucky win we needed to make us near enough safe from relegation. we took 4 out of our 7 or 8 chances, they took none from their 7 or 8.
Half time we were saying we need a complete overhaul next season; 45 minutes later they were showing the play off challenging panache we saw 6 months ago.
 and i will leave you with 1 further cliche - its a funny old game

oh yeah, motm; difficult (can Jamie Rudd be motm for 30 mins play???) but id say Anthony Ball, even though he got ran ragged at times by their excellent left winger, he stuck to his task and eventually prevailed
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Re: just back from Romania....
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2022, 09:24:28 AM »
Would agree with most of that, Mr Haddock, except that Sonnyís finish looked perfectly executed from my angle, rather than scuffed.

Didnít see too much of the first half from my vantage point. What I did see was a lot of very good football from a lot of technical players in red shirts and a number 18 I would love to see play for us - our divisionís version of Raheem Sterling?

Second half was a pleasure to watch, with 3 excellent goals and 4 very good finishes.

Agree about Mr Ball. Delightful player to watch and very composed.

Really enjoyed the company of all stood behind the goal. As this might be my last game of this season with AUFC, a great way to sign off.