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21CD membership

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21CD membership
« on: August 12, 2019, 08:45:03 PM »
Luke has very usefully posted an item about 21CD membership enrolment for this season on the separate 21CD part of this message board (thanks Luke) but I wanted 21CD to get some airtime here as this message board gets a lot of traffic, particularly from supporters away from the area who don't get to many/any games these days but still support the club from afar.

21st Century Ducks, 21CD for short, is Aylesbury United Supporters Trust. It was set up 20 years ago when the club entered administration after the Dowie season, when the future of the club was precarious to say the least.

21CD is a shareholder in the club and the current chair, Zana Saunders, sits on the club board, as a representative from 21CD, so the trust very much has a voice at the table. Membership costs a minimum of 20 a season. Other membership options exist including family membership if you sign up for membership and agree to pay a minimum of 3 per month via standing order.

There is a 21CD committee who are elected along with the chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary every year at the AGM. The AGM this year will take place on 17th September at the Bricklayers pub in Aylesbury (19:30 start) which all members are welcome to attend. The committee, which currently is made up of 11 people, meets roughly 4/5 times a season. The committee discusses a number of things, including initiatives, merchandise options to take forward and most importantly how much of the membership/50:50 draw income to provide to the club etc. I understand a couple of the committee and Brian Metcalfe, who has been the trust treasurer for a number of years are looking to step down, so we need some fresh blood to get involved and become part of the committee, and we need a treasurer.

We are also looking for more members. The more members we have the more money 21CD can provide to the club. The club and 21CD need you. If you live afar and are not members, this would be a great way for you to support the club! If you used to have membership but withdrew this would be the perfect opportunity to get back involved and ultimately help the club.

More details about 21CD membership and a further update can be found on the main website (current news item) or on the 21CD section of this message board.

Here's to next 20 years and more of 21CD.....and continuing to support the club we all love.

Up the ducks!

Andy Martin
21CD Secretary