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Aylesbury United Discussion / 2021-22 - the weirdest of seasons
« on: May 01, 2022, 01:03:09 PM »
well, that was a very strange season, with a rampant injury list, departure of 4 of our best players disrupting things and 3 very distinct periods.
the first period reads - played 18, won 9, drew 4 = 31 points at 1.7 points per game
then we had the disastrous, unprecedented run of losing 11 and drawing just the once
After we had finally broken the hoodoo we ended up playing 8 , winning 3 and drawing 3 = 11 points at 1.4 points per game
Without that run we would surely have been in or around the play offs
What was also noticeable is the amount of injuries we had - look through the appearances and only 6 players started 30 or more  games in our 46 match season, whilst Stobbs, Rudd, O'Connor, Hogg and Ball all started less than half the matches
Losing Hoppy pre season was a big blow and then Jamie & Ty leaving in October hardly helped. Max leaves in February and Gavin james ,who'd scored 5 in 13 games departed fro Risborough

Hope that puts things in perspective - surely next season won't be as taxing / frustrating , can it???

Aylesbury United Discussion / Biggest league attendance since....
« on: April 19, 2022, 03:37:39 PM »
....El Quackico on Boxing Day 2016.

Aylesbury United Discussion / just back from Barton...
« on: April 16, 2022, 09:12:46 PM »
and a meaningless 1-1 draw in a match played like a pre season friendly. In fact I'm only doing this to keep Graham happy! ;D ;D ;D
Lewthwaite scored an excellent goal that he created and scored all by himself, but then contrived to miss 3 golden chances in the 2nd half to blot his copy book. Body language and attitude were a lot better, so hopefully Ben can continue to work his magic with him. The barrel like Appiah in central midfield showed why he'd played at a higher level, but didn't look like he's going to threaten Riddick's position. Was far more impressed by fernandes , who looks a proper left back and did numerous good things. He's apparently 34. but plays like he's 24. On that performance i'd be more than happy to see him in the green n white next season.
Pierce again had a useful game - he always seems to have a decent performance when i see him. Wood and Doc were v. solid, but apart from that there wasn't much to report
ps great support again - half the crowd seemed to be from Aylesbury

Aylesbury United Discussion / just back from Romania....
« on: April 02, 2022, 11:27:14 PM »
via the The Pilgrim, The Unicorn & The Bell,so sorry its so late.
Too busy celebrating - Ducks n Mariners (4 goals each), Scunts lose again and Moan U don't win. If carlsberg did football ...... 8) 8) :D :D
Anyway to the mater in hand ;
Game of 2 halves, take your chances, goals change games, football is a confidence thing - this game ticked all the cliche boxes.
first half we were inept (although apparently still much better than Tuesday), on our heels; lacking in confidence, passing accuracy,pressing, understanding, defensive solidity and technique. We were v happy to go in 0.0 and tbh we were saying that if we got a nil all out of it we'd be relieved
Romania btw are a pleasure to watch , no long balls, every player has great technical ability and just wants to play football. They hit the woodwork 4 times and they ripped us apart at times with Archie making a couple of excellent saves
then Harry scott goes off injured (our best player at the time imho, despite not been given enough of the ball) & Jamie Rudd comes on and changes the game
first is dead lucky, brilliant finish, but just fell perfectly having pinged luckily off lewthwaites shin. 2nd was a thing of beauty - equally clinical rifle shot following some slick interpassing with riddick. French scored a scuffed 3rd after a typically challenging, thrusting run by Ball and then Lewthwaite did some brilliant individual work to make it a lopsided 4-0 win.
just the sort of lucky win we needed to make us near enough safe from relegation. we took 4 out of our 7 or 8 chances, they took none from their 7 or 8.
Half time we were saying we need a complete overhaul next season; 45 minutes later they were showing the play off challenging panache we saw 6 months ago.
 and i will leave you with 1 further cliche - its a funny old game

oh yeah, motm; difficult (can Jamie Rudd be motm for 30 mins play???) but id say Anthony Ball, even though he got ran ragged at times by their excellent left winger, he stuck to his task and eventually prevailed

Aylesbury United Discussion / new signings
« on: March 21, 2022, 07:12:25 PM »

3 new signings, which was a bit of a surprise; had assumed we'd battle on with the current squad.
Think Daniel played for V.D. in that pre season thrashing we gave them. One for the future i presume.
The other 2 are slightly unusual signings for Ben - experienced 'outsiders'. Fernandes in particular is interesting (although the fact that he's a regular defender for a Staines team that's conceded 101 goals did concern me a little  ;D ;D) as he was captain at Staines .Is he going to be an organiser of a defence that's looked pretty shaky recently?
Anyone know what type of midfielder Appiah is?
And final question are they coming as stop gaps or is this a start of a rebuild for next season?

Aylesbury United Discussion / Just back (Dunstable)
« on: February 26, 2022, 08:38:00 PM »
well, that was an unexpected bonus!
pretty awful game in the warm spring sunshine, with Dunstable looking decidedly mid table fare, and neither keeper having to make  a decent save, although we did hit the bar in the first half
Their goal was at least 1 metre offside with the lino being 2-3 yards behind play
Superb finish by Harry Scott, who looked as impressive as in the times as I've seen him before.
Ben's sending off on the hour seemed to galvanise us and we stepped up the effort. J.J.,Riddick, Woody and Anthony Ball (on after a very early injury to Hogg) seemed to relish the challenge and were superb.
Harry Jones and Bewley worked their socks off
Lewthwaite was a bit of an enigma, some awful touches and really didn't do enough closing down in the 2nd half, but produced some real moments of quality. Ezra came on his replacement and really did a great job, just what was needed.

really welcome point, and hopefully will give the lads a much needed confidence boost. well done - you deserved that!

Aylesbury United Discussion / Max Hercules joins Banbury United
« on: February 11, 2022, 06:55:14 AM »
That's the 3rd top player we've lost to higher league clubs in less than 6 months (as well as Hoppy moving away pre season).
Good luck to Max, and i hope it goes well for him, but really sorry for Ben; it's just problem after another this season.
Team are really going to have to pull together now - think it's going to be a very tough last 12 games, unless Ben can suddenly unearth another diamond. i know he won't do it but it feels like it's time for 1 of those pack the defence, backs against the wall, battling 0-0 draws, just to get the ship back on an even keel

Aylesbury United Discussion / just back (Thame)
« on: February 02, 2022, 11:07:31 PM »
Well tonight certainly proved the truism that when you're on a bad run you don't get any luck and the ball doesn't fall for you.
no lack of effort from the team tonight, but the ball just wouldn't fall and they lost to a fluke goal. Archie punches out from a corner, straight onto the back of a Thame player's head, which rebounded into the goal.
Very even first half when we had slightly more chances, with far more willingness to shoot than on Saturday. We hit the post but didn't force their keeper into a serious save. Thame stepped it up 2nd half and were much more dangerous, with their skipper Ryan Blake (who hit the bar with a thunderous shot), the best player on the pitch. We didn't create very much until late on.
Archie, Anthony Ball,Bewley and Harry (playing centre forward) had good games. Max was a real threat first half but we didn't seem to get the ball enough to him in the 2nd. Riddick and Doc battled hard in the middle, whilst Sonny had one of his best games for ages
Curtis Brown got another chance, just 24 hours after being sent off for Winslow! He certainly looks like he's got something about him, but seems to be struggling  with the step up and the physicality, which is only to be expected. Unexpected surprise to see Ben Seaton make  a welcome return.
Great to see Ben in the dugout and he got a good cheer from the large turnout , who gave great support to the team.
Glad we play Thame only twice a year - the new Marlow. The whining and harassment of the ref starts on the sideline with their obnoxious management team and then extends on to the pitch. a nasty moaning, diving side who have some good players but with embarrassing play acting to go along with it. i hope to god Aylesbury never go down that route

Aylesbury United Discussion / just back
« on: January 26, 2022, 11:44:02 PM »
first time I've seen them in a while. Main thought is that we were a bit disjointed and they were slightly better in every department.
Definitely stronger and better organised at the back and in the keeper dep't. Midfield was fairly equal but they were a bit stronger, bit more robust (and nastier!) and their finishing (as usual with our opponents) were better finishers, although Max's trademark top corner curler was superb
think this season is now a write off and we might as well start thinking about next season.

so, given that we're finished for this season ,how are we fixed?
gavin James has gone off the boil a bit, but i don't think we are going to get any better up front, and he does work hard.
 Jack, Doc,Harry, Sonny (when hes on form) and Jordan are all more than good enough. Anthony Ball and Max are quality, whilst i'm hoping, like a previous poster, that the mix of Ozogbia and Riddick in midfield could be really good.
That just leaves a couple of positions to be strengthened and it has to be remembered that we have 7 players out. Ben must be so frustrated with all these injuries and disruption - it's not anyone's fault and it's just one of those seasons which we look back on with huge frustration , with the potential that we had 2 or 3 months ago.
Interesting to see Curtis Brown, the highly rated young Winslow striker make his debut, after an unsuccessful trial at luton. Looked pretty strong and did some stuff well, although it looked like the step up to our level was a bit of a shock to the system. Certainly worth continuing with if we get the opportunity
Talking of Winslow any idea what has happened to Rocco Tamplin? Not appearing for us nor Winslow, that i can see. Would really like to see him a bit more regularly, he's got a bit of the Jamie Jellis about him
Talking further of Winslow we could do far worse than also having a look at their excellent left back Rio Deall and the very impressive Antonio Iannone in midfield, both promising youngsters

PS MOTM from tonight, probably Anthony Ball

Aylesbury United Discussion / Just back (WGC)
« on: January 05, 2022, 11:17:54 PM »
undeserved last minute defeat following that rarity, a Jack Wood mistake
Great game and we deserved a point, but it just seemed their finishing was more clinical; plus they had the best player on the pitch in their captain and centre half who was very calm and classy.
we were excellent in the first 30 minutes, lots of pressing, quick passing and they were on the back foot. Jaedon Phillips scored a superb 20 yard curler following an equally good cross field pass from Ozobia. They then came back into it and scored a fortuitous own goal equaliser in the 46th minute.
It all went haywire for 10 minutes 2-1 (great to see anthony Ball back and scoring with almost his first touch), 2-2, 2-3 , 3-3 ( a fizzing Riddick shot)all in 10 minutes.
We had several really good chances, but our failure to convert any of them cost us dear as they finished coolly on a last minute break
felt to me that this defeat more or less signalled the end of the season. Hope i'm wrong but we're just lacking the ability to secure good leads and to control games. It's almost like we always need to score 2 or more coz we are never going to keep a clean sheet.
very frustrating coz we do play some bloody good stuff at times, amd we do have the ability to be a play off time, but we are only showing thta in patches

Aylesbury United Discussion / Just back
« on: December 15, 2021, 11:22:24 PM »
and back by popular demand (well, Graham asked me to restart the tradition! ;D)
so am settled down with a nice large glass of Cotes Du Rhone, celebrating a well earned point against the impressive league leaders Bedford. Big strong side, with big names,big whining gobs, big wages and big expectations ; you can see why they're top. Played some very nice fluid stuff at times, quality shone through during certain periods of play , looked very solid defensively and was particularly impressed by their number 10 who generally controlled the midfield and kept them moving.
We however really raised our game and the level of commitment and enthusiasm matched the Ebbsfleet effort. In a way this was a similar match. They looked very good ,generally, with a higher class of player, but they tended to played in front of us and our sturdy defence was very rarely turned around. I suspect this was how Ben wanted us and them to play and i further suspect he got one over , tactics wise, his Bedford counterpart.
We took the lead when JJ rifled home following a corner (possibly the first time during the game that JJ had kept the ball that low, and that under control! :D ;D :D), but Bedford equalised soon after with a Rene Howe bullet header from a corner which was inexplicably conceded by Jake. It was a very open, end to end game, must've been very entertaining for the neutral.
After that Bedford had the best of the game but were let down by Howe's constant offsides and poor final balls, whilst we caused numerous problems with quick breaks , generally involving Max, Stobbs & Sonny (who,btw, hit the bar from 25 yards in the first 10 minutes).
Great team performance. Archie made some superb saves to keep us in it. Jake had his best game of the season by far and Harry was excellent (looks like he learnt a lot from the Ebbsfleet game)
JJ and Jack were a lovely, rock solid partnership, Jack especially being at his imperious best.
Riddick was awesome and just edged motm for me. Sonny, apart from a quiet middle third of the game, was at his best, constantly creating problems when on the ball. Difficult game for Pierce who was out of position and generally outmuscled, but he stuck in there and will no doubt have learnt a great deal.
Max turned their left back inside out, and the lad cut  a sorry figure when he was saved from his torment by being subbed.
Ayo, our ex Grimsby non scoring centre forward, again proved what a good player he is, but once again never really looked like scoring - so frustrating! He's a really good player, got all the attributes, but just can't finish. He caused their very good, strong defence all sorts of problems. Can't make my mind up about Jaedon, but what i do know is that he really put in a shift and on 1 or 2 occasions showed flashes of real ability. Stobbs gave a brilliant 20 minute performance when he came on and helped enormously in giving them something to think about and defend against, when it looked like it might be  areal backs to the wall final 20 minutes.
All in al they did us, Ben and themselves proud against a team with a wage bill about 10 times bigger - well done lads !

Aylesbury United Discussion / Just back
« on: November 17, 2021, 11:24:26 PM »
from a very satisfactory 3-0 win.
3 unexpected goals - a Ben Seaton header ( a phrase never previously uttered in football!) from2 metres,a stunning flying header from Jake Bewley following a sumptuous Stobbs cross and a great finish from our new international centre forward on his home debut.
Going into half time that outcome had looked unlikely as Kidlington had a succession of corners and looked capable of scoring an equaliser, which their pressure might have deserved.
The new ex Grimsby forward looked exactly what a Grimsby forward should look like - has all the attributes apart from the ability to score! Pacey, tricky, strong and got into a series of great positions. However he had 5 chances and only made the keeper save once. Did like the look of him tho, and you could see why harrow apparently rate him. will also take time for our lot to work out how to play to his strengths as he's quite a different player to Ty - needs the ball launched forward far quicker for him to run on to. Certainly gives us another dimension. James looked a lot more Deacon like - less mobile than owoeyi , but crucially put away his chance with aplomb.
Think the defence still looks a bit vulnerable/creaky, but nice to see Sonny back to some sort of form.
MOTM was riddick - as usual he's everywhere and always in the right place to put a foot in, to cover someone's mistakes, make a block or  a tackle and generally hold the side together.

Aylesbury United Discussion / The Ben Williams / AUFC production line
« on: November 01, 2021, 08:28:28 PM »
so Ty becomes the latest player to move up the pyramid, following  a spell under Ben at AUFC. It's getting to be quite a list - Tre mitford, Jamie Jellis, Jack Hopwood, Ken Feyi, Jamal Prosper are the ones who immediately spring to mind. Any others I've missed?

Aylesbury United Discussion / just back ...ebbsfleet
« on: October 02, 2021, 08:04:35 PM »
a frustrating day but one filled with pride
fuel shortage and awful weather restricted the crowd on what should've been  a big pay day
but AUFC played with real spirit against a team far superior in fitness and technique. Everyone put in a massive shift  but special kudos to JJenkins and Riddick who were awesome. lost count of the amount of blocks, tackle n headers won by Jordan , whilst Riddick was human dynamo
well done Archie and Harry who really upped their game. Harry was run ragged in the first half but was excellent in the second 45. Special mention for Jamie Rudd , who looked like an equal for Ebbsfleet's professionals in the 20 odd minutes he spent on the pitch

let's just hope we can convert some of the casual supporters who turned up to attend on a more regular basis

Aylesbury United Discussion / Just back - Barton....
« on: August 28, 2021, 08:06:31 PM »
...after a couple of pints of the very nice Beavertown Bones lager
a draw probably the fair result - think Barton will prove a tough task for most teams this season. We did well with a patched up defence and many faces missing.
Lots of positives to take from it - not least our refusal to be bullied by a 'robust' Barton side who also possessed some real quality. Before we'd have conceded the game once we conceded a goal, but it spurred us on to play much better. This was after we had missed yet another penalty, max the 'offender' this time
Thought that Ball, Kudo and Harry all played really well in unfamiliar positions against a very threatening attacking unit. Their goal incidentally, was superb, a 1 man 75 yard slalom run, leaving aufc players in his wake before slotting home.
That saw us up our game with us hitting the bar, but generally they defended well and our final ball wasnt quite there.
That changed early in the second half when the always excellent Jellis threaded a superb through ball to Sonny French who finished with his usual aplomb.
It was then nip and tuck until the end, with Barton also missing a penalty

We will play much better I'm sure , as we didn't play with our normal fluency, due to all the changes. Therefore i'd regard it as a point gained in front of a disappointing gate of 124
MOTM for me was Jack Wood who was at his imperious best. Antonio-Forde btw looks like a find - quick, powerful, good technique and not afraid to have a go

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