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Respond to Public Consultation on the Aylesbury Garden Town Draft Masterplan

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There is currently a public consultation on the Aylesbury Garden Town Draft Masterplan, open until 5pm on Friday 14th February. More information about the draft masterplan can be located here, including a survey where feedback can be provided.
Responding to this survey is a good opportunity for supporters of the club to help the club in its attempt to return with community facility in the town. Please find below suggested responses to some of the questions included in the survey. There are different types of questions, some where options should be ranked and others were there is an opportunity to provide open text responses.

21st Century Ducks
Aylesbury United Supporters Trust

Question 6
“Respond positively to changing patterns of retail and leisure” – Rank 1st

Question 11
“Centres and community facilities will be accessible to all, reflecting the legacy of Stoke Mandeville and the Paralympic movement” – Rank 1st, and

“The location of services and centres will promote active and healthy lifestyles through well designed infrastructures that makes it easy to access by walking, cycling and public transport”  - Rank 2nd

Question 14
There should be a community sporting facility where all sections of Aylesbury United FC can play football. The club have teams including all age groups for boys and girls from Mini Ducks to first teams, a disability section and a walking football team. This would provide further leisure opportunity to the population of Aylesbury and the local area in return helping to improve health and fitness.

Question 15
“ Support active lifestyles and good physical and mental health by making it easier for all of Aylesbury’s residents of all ages and abilities to access clean air, natural areas and food growing, sports and leisure opportunities within the town and the wider landscape” – Rank 1st

Question 17
A community sports facility for all where all sections of Aylesbury United FC can play football should be included.

Question 28
An Aylesbury Resident



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https://www.aylesburygardentown.co.uk/masterplan This is the link to the master plan for you to read
https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QP3MLCF This is the link to the survey

Thanks Erika - a hurried message from me and didn’t notice links didn’t copy!

This survey will take a couple of minutes to complete. Let’s get a lot of responses submitted to this with an AUFC slant.......#BringTheDucksHome


Just 2 days to respond to this survey...……….